Sales Methods in B2B Projects & Solutions

Suppliers and their sales professionals use sales methods in B2B Projects & Solutions for a long: John Paterson, the founder of NCR, developed a methodical approach to sales already more than a century ago. Selling cash register machines was experienced as complex at that time. Sales methods have flourished until today, going by various names: Complex sales, Solution selling, Strategic sales, High-Value Sales, and so forth (See timeline.)

Timeline sales methods

Why a Method in Project Sales?

The first reason for using a sales method in B2B Projects & Solutions is that B2B Projects & Solutions are inherently complex (See here why Projects & Solutions are complex). Complex sales involve a higher degree of uncertainty than simpler sales. A sales method provides a structured framework for managing this complexity, allowing sales professionals to approach each sale in a confident, consistent, and systematic way. The method acts as a safety net.

More importantly, the purpose of a sales method is … to help sell. Through a method, clients appreciate professionalism: we have a disciplined, organized approach, and things are not left to chance. The sales method directly helps the supplier in establishing those trusted relationships with the client. Those trusted relationships have to be established on the technical, organizational, on people levels. The method must help the supplier and the client to develop together a TOTAL Solution. The method acts as a common ground between the supplier and the client.

The method acts also as a common ground internally, within the sales team and the different functions involved: The Management, Sales, BDM, Bid & Tender managers, Project Engineers / Project Managers, PLM, Contract & Commercial Managers, Marketing, etc. It gives a common language and discipline to these diverse functions and facilitates communication, reporting, and strategizing.

Finally, a sales method acts as a learning platform, allowing for continuous learning, improvement, and organizational knowledge management over time.

Sales Method

Sales methods: the next steps.

Once recognized the importance of a Sales Method, what to do next?

  1. ASSESSMENT: Assess the sales method(s) already in place in your organization: Is it effective? Is it documented, shared, and used by all? Should it be improved, or modernized?
  2. EVALUATION and COMPARISON: Evaluate and compare different existing sales methods as well as the associated sales training agencies providing training and enablement. We invite you to evaluate Managed Collaboration/ IBS Academy and compare it with other alternatives. The objective is to find out what is best for your organization.
  3. CONTACT US: We are glad to help you! IBS Academy is your Center of Competence for Collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions.

Managed Collaboration is the collaborative management methodology developed to succeed in complex projects. MCO enables suppliers and clients to develop together the best possible solution AND the collaborative relationships needed to make it succeed.