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Competence Center for Client-Supplier Collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions

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Collaboration in B2B projects

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin

At IBS Academy, we help you to better collaborate in B2B Projects & Solutions.

Win Projects. At the Start.

About IBS Academy

IBS Academy is a Competence Centre for Collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions.

We provide sales enabling and procurement enablement programs, helping Buyers as well as Sellers to better address the Development Phase of B2B projects.

Our clients are both project owners, public or private, and contractors, vendors, suppliers, involved in B2B Projects & Solutions.

IBS Academy was established in 2019. It is based in Belgium and active worldwide.

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Professional collaboration in B2B projects

We are on a Mission...


We want to improve the way Clients - Suppliers collaborate in B2B Project & Solution Business.

B2B Projects & Solutions are complex technical and human endeavors in which clients and suppliers are mutually dependent. The way they establish and maintain collaboration is a key component in their mutual success or failure.

However, the management of collaborative relationships is too often left to chance in most organizations. Wrong approaches and mindsets are also too often applied. It should not be!

We need new tools to think across this space, to not only realize successful, high-value, and sustainable project assets for organizations and society at large but also to empower organizations and their people to change the way they do business for the better.

We believe in furthering a new way of managing collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions, with methods and mindsets that are practical and actionable in any industry or organization.

We believe that Professional Collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions is the next Big Thing.

Join us!

Win Projects. At the Start.

Collaborative Relationships in B2B Projects & Solutions

Your Major Competitive Advantage

Projects & Solutions Business is always a complex technical and human endeavor, in which clients and suppliers are interdependent. They succeed or fail together.

Whether you are a client or supplier, your success depends on your ability to establish and maintain collaborative relationships along the solution lifecycle.

In today’s world, the capability of individuals and organizations to professionally manage collaborative relationships is a major competitive advantage.

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Who Is IBS Academy For?

IBS Academy is for professionals and organizations involved in B2B Projects & Solutions:

  • Vendors, suppliers, contractors (sales, business development).
  • Project owners, clients (procurement, private or public organizations).
  • Public authorities, financiers.

They all have a common goal: The solution must be successful.

Who is IBS Academy For?