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Competence Center for Collaboration in Project Business


IBS Academy is a Competence Centre for Collaboration in Project Business. We provide specialized training programs and consultancy services to organizations looking to Win Projects. At the Start.

IBS Academy helps you to solve the following major challenges:

  • Project Owners, Clients: HOW TO PROCURE BETTER?
  • Project Vendors: HOW TO SELL BETTER?
  • Public authorities, Financiers: HOW TO GOVERN BETTER?

These challenges are rooted in the Development Phase of Project Business, where the stakes are the highest, and the risk to fail is big.

Project Business

Do you offer solutions to customers? Do you procure solutions from suppliers? Then you are in Project Business.

It could be a building, a train, a telecom network, a custom software, a consulting service, an engineering design.
Whatever it is, project business is inherently complex: it implies a first-of-a-kind (FOAK) solution, at least two distinct organizations, multiple requirements, long lifecycle, risks, high stakes.

Project Business Industrial sectors

How to Master Project Business?

Without collaboration a project is doomed to fail, sooner or later: as a Vendor, you may fail to win new business. As a Client, your project may fail to deliver its value.

The challenge for all the involved parties is HOW TO COLLABORATE BETTER? 
This is exactly the purpose of the
CROSSCONNECT Methodology, the collaborative framework for Project Business.

CrossConnect Methodology

Who is IBS Academy for?

IBS Academy is for professionals and organizations involved in Project Business at the Development Phase:

  • Vendors, suppliers, contractors (business development).
  • Project Owners, clients (private or public organizations).
  • Public authorities, financiers.

They all have a common goal: The project must be successful.

Project Business stakeholders

COMSIP Business development team adopts the CrossConnect™ System!

IBS Academy is happy to announce the successful completion of the 2-days training workshop: “COMSIP Business Development: A System Approach to effective business collaboration”, given to Comsip (Vinci Energies) on 12-13/11/2019 in Paris, France. CrossConnect™ is the collaborative business methodology developed by IBS Academy,


Project Business: What’s in the name?

Believe it or not, you will not find the definition of “Project Business” in the dictionary, no entry in Wikipedia, and Google and Amazon are of no help. Yet, Project Business does exist and represents a significant segment of the B2B economy. The term




Experts in the industry, COMSIP provides Project Resourcing (Technical Assistance) to industrial customers on all phases of their projects worldwide.

IBS Academy at a glance