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IBS Academy is a Competence Centre for Professionals involved in Projects & Solutions Business, and interested in the following questions:

Project owners, clients: HOW TO PROCURE BETTER?

Project vendors, suppliers, integrators: HOW TO SELL BETTER?

Public authorities, financiers: HOW TO GOVERN BETTER?


IBS Academy provides specialized trainings and consultancies to organizations looking to Win Complex Projects. At the Start.


The Development phase in Project Business: where it all starts

Projects are made of 3 phases: Project Development, Project Execution, Project Operation. The Development phase is the most complex: multiple organizations, roles and functions are involved, with different perspectives; major decisions have to be made in multiple areas, shaping the project.

Planning stage_6

The Development phase is also the most crucial: Whether you are the project owner, a vendor, a consultant, a financier, etc., it determines whether you will succeed in this project. Or fail.

The challenge faced by all is therefore: How to best address this phase?

There are indeed 3 possibilities:

  1. With no methods
  2. With a wrong method
  3. With a proper method

Project Business and Solutions

Project Business and Solutions are complex endeavours. They involve combinations of multiple components, such as people, technology, innovation, risks and trust among organizations across borders.

In such complex projects, the project parties such as owners, vendors, suppliers, financiers, consultants often struggle to align their objectives, requirements or value proposals.

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IBS Academy Project Business Engineers version 2

Who is IBS Academy for?

IBS Academy is meant for technical and commercial teams involved in the development phase of projects before the contracts are awarded:

  • Vendors, suppliers, contractors (business development, technical specialists, partnerships management, etc): You need to “Sell” better.
  • Project owners, clients (private or public organizations, procurement, project management, contract management): You need to “Procure” better.
  • Public authorities and financiers: You need to “Govern” better.

Your common goal is the same: The project must be successful.

IBS Academy is for professionals and organizations involved in Project and Solution Development Business.

“The System generates collaboration. And collaboration is the key to successful Project Business”.


COMSIP Business development team adopts the CrossConnect™ System!

IBS Academy is happy to announce the successful completion of the 2-days training workshop: “COMSIP Business Development: A System Approach to effective business collaboration”, given to Comsip (Vinci Energies) on 12-13/11/2019 in Paris, France. CrossConnect™ is the collaborative business methodology developed by IBS Academy,


Project Business: What’s in a name?

Believe it or not, you will not find the definition of “Project Business” in the dictionary, no entry in Wikipedia, and Google and Amazon are of no help. Yet, Project Business do exist and represent a significant segment of the B2B economy. The term




Experts in the industry, COMSIP provides Project Resourcing (Technical Assistance) to industrial customers on all phases of their projects worldwide.

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