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How to Collaborate Better?

Success in  B2B Projects depends on Professional Collaboration between sales and procurement engineering teams.

IBS Academy helps organizations in improving their collaborative capabilities and business competitiveness.

Win projects. At the start.

Collaboration in Project Business

In B2B projects clients and suppliers are mutually dependent. They succeed or fail together.

Opposite to off-the-shelves products or services (“commodities”), each B2B project involves levels of customization to specific customer’s conditions. Each project is different. It can go, for example, from a small IT solution to large industrial infrastructure.

Therefore, B2B projects involve much more than traditional “selling” or “buying” techniques and mindsets. B2B projects are based on mutual collaboration between clients and suppliers to design, engineerimplement, operate and maintain the solution.

In our complex world, whether you are a client or a supplier, the collaborative capability of your organization will increasingly be a key competitive advantage.

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Cost of Poor Collaboration

The Cost of Poor Collaboration

Without Collaboration, a project is doomed to fail, sooner or later.

  • As a Vendor, you may fail to win new business. Demonstrating your collaborative capability to potential Clients early in the project is an essential capability in winning new contracts.
  • As a Client, your project may fail to fulfill the initial expectations and to deliver its full value. Already during the execution phase, the contractual disagreements escalate into costly disputes and conflicts with a vendor.
In Projects Business, a Client and a Vendor are all along mutually dependent.
The challenge is how to improve their collaborative capability?

Enabling Operational Collaboration in Project Business

Successful Collaboration creates Synergies (1+1=3). Establishing Collaborative Relationships requires a Common Ground, based on Common Objectives, Joint Activities and a Total Approach. Collaboration rests also on people’s Behavior.

Dedicated frameworks, such as ISO44001 and CROSSCONNECT are the major enablers of Operational Collaboration.

IBS Academy assists organizations in improving their collaborative capability in Project Business.

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Who is IBS Academy For?

Who is IBS Academy for?

IBS Academy is for professionals and organizations involved in Project Business:

  • Vendors, suppliers, contractors (business development).
  • Project Owners, clients (private or public organizations).
  • Public authorities, financiers.

They all have a common goal: The project must be successful.


IBS Academy joined the Project Business Foundation

IBS Academy finds its home at the Project Business Foundation. IBS Academy provides specialized training courses and methods to successfully address Project Business within professional collaborative relationships. The Project Business Foundation is the global association for professionals and organizations involved in Project Business management.


COMSIP Business development team adopts the CrossConnect™ System!

IBS Academy is happy to announce the successful completion of the 2-days training workshop: “COMSIP Business Development: A System Approach to effective business collaboration”, given to Comsip (Vinci Energies) on 12-13/11/2019 in Paris, France. CrossConnect™ is the collaborative business methodology developed by IBS Academy,




Experts in the industry, COMSIP provides Project Resourcing (Technical Assistance) to industrial customers on all phases of their projects worldwide.

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