IBS Academy International Professional Certification Program serves to establish a standard in collaborative relationships in the specific field of B2B Projects & Solutions.

The certification program addresses both organizations and the individuals within these organizations:

For organizations

IBS Academy’s certification serves to recognize organizations:

  1. Committed to establishing fair, honest, and long-term (sustainable) relationships with their business partners.
  2. Investing in the collaborative knowledge, skills, and competencies of their people.
  3. Operating on LEVEL 3 of the collaborative level of maturity, as follow:
Collaboration: Levels of maturity

For individuals

The IBS Academy certification program applied to individuals consists of 3 distinct degrees: BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD:

Certification for individuals

IBS Academy is committed to transforming the way organizations and their people manage collaboration and succeed in their Projects and Solutions.

Certification Benefits Recommended:
Business Benefits of Certification