Why is working together in Projects and Solutions so difficult?

At IBS Academy, we train and coach organizations and their people on how to work collaboratively in a structured and deliberate way in the field of Projects & Solutions.

Between organizations

Clients-Suppliers Relationships

Sales - Procurement


  • More successful projects
  • Less/ no delay cost overrun, disputes, during project implementation
  • Higher personal satisfaction for each individual
  • Strengthening your reputation as a fair and sustainable partner

Within organization

Interdepartmental Relationships

Across departments, functions, and silos


  • More teamwork, coordination, and engagement
  • Building trust and a positive work environment
  • Less miscommunication, fewer frustrations
  • Fostering a common language and shared understanding
  • Strengthening your collaborative culture

How do you manage your collaborative relationships?

Internally? Externally?

Our approach focuses on the application of a collection of collaborative tools, methods, and principles in use across various engineering disciplines.

They are leveraged and integrated into a purposeful and integrated framework, the Managed Collaboration™  methodology.

What you will LEARN with us:

You will learn HOW TO:

  • BUILD UP collaborative relationships in Projects & Solutions in a systematic way.
  • APPLY a client-supplier collaborative business system for supporting high-quality interactions with stakeholders in a structured, organized, and repeatable way.
  • USE 10 essential disciplines needed to develop Projects & Solutions together with your stakeholders.
  • WORK as an Integrated Project Team, internally with your colleagues, and externally with customers and stakeholders.
  • ADDRESS the whole solution lifecycle, including development, implementation, and O&M together with the customer, and co-create high-value Solutions.

What you will DO:

You will learn by DOING,

  • You will EXPERIMENT within IBS Academy BUSINESS ACTION GAME a unique system, tools, and skills, on how to manage effectively collaborative relationships in Projects and Solutions.
  • You will DEVELOP your own Solution Engineering Toolkit, on paper and digital, tailored to your needs and business and ready to use in your next real-life meeting.
  • You will BE INVOLVED in developing a collaborative culture, internally in your organization, and externally with your business partners.
  • You will HAVE FUN and enjoy this training, team-building, event, as it will equip you with the right tools and mindset needed to succeed consistently in the field of Projects and Solutions.
  • You will ADDRESS the whole solution lifecycle, including development, implementation, and O&M together with business partners, and co-create high-value Solutions.

A practical manual for Managed Collaboration:

How to build collaborative client/supplier relationships in B2B Projects and Solutions

B2B Projects & Solutions are collaborative endeavors.

Success depends on your organization’s collaborative capabilities.

Do not leave collaboration happens by chance.

Make it happen in a structured way: collaboration can be engineered.

This is Managed Collaboration.

Collaboration is the lifeblood of Projects and Solutions.

A practical manual for Managed Collaboration_by Daniel Galiana

Available at: https://amzn.to/3KZJdb9

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