About IBS Academy

Industrial Business Systems Academy is a Global Competence Centre for Professionals involved in Projects Business.

IBS Academy brings under one roof the diverse disciplines, specialties and competences needed to succeed in Project Business.

IBS Academy was founded in 2019, is based in Belgium and operates globally.

IBS Academy's vision, mission and goal consist in developing methods enabling to rationalize and systematize Project Business.

IBS Academy provides specialized trainings to organizations looking to increase their effectiveness in Project Business. This means:

  • For Project owners, clients, developers: How to “Procure” better.
  • For Contractors, vendors, suppliers: How to “Sell” better.
  • For Public authorities, financiers: How to “Govern” better.
  • For all: How to “Partner” better.

Why IBS Academy is different?

  1. IBS Academy focuses on the development phase of Project Business. This phase is decisive for your organization and for the project outcomes. We advocate that this phase can be structured and rationalized, either from a sales or from a procurement perspective.
  2. We are project business practitioners. Our approaches and techniques are not derived from the commodities business (B2C). They are directly based on intense real-life and years-long experiences in Project and Industrial Business. Therefore, they are proven, directly usable and effective.
  3. IBS Academy puts under one roof both sales and procurement disciplines. As in the world of Project Business, a client and suppliers are not opposed, but complementary and peer: they should share the same objectives and the same methods to achieve them.
  4. We are convinced that collaboration is the only appropriate doctrine of this field. How to generate and maintain collaborative relationships is at the heart of our methodologies and education.
  5. We think “as a System”: Systems are effective, duplicable, easy to use and integrative. Exactly what is needed in Project Business.
  6. We dedicate our research and education to provide the right mindset, good practices and fit for purpose tools in industrial business. CrossConnect is the first methodology providing a comprehensive and systematic framework to address effectively Project Business.

IBS Academy's Core Values

  • We aim to increase our client's effectivity in Project Business.
  • We are one team, with our clients and partners.
  • We hold ourselves accountable.
  • We keep our commitments.
  • We keep a strong work ethic.
  • We are transparent.
  • We pursue Quality, based on ISO 9001 standard.
  • We think ahead.
  • We improve continuously.
  • We innovate.

IBS Academy's Vision, Mission and Goal

Our Vision: Rationalizing Project Business.

Our vision is that there is a need for rationalization and systematization in Project Business.

Our Mission: Building Project Business Engineers.

Our mission is therefore to provide a specialized education to professionals involved in Project Business.

Our Goal: Helping you to win projects. At the start.

Our goal is to increase our client's effectivity in addressing Project Business.