IBS Academy Services' format for Procurement teams



Learning while Exploring!


Let your team explore the power of Managed Collaboration (MCO):  in just a couple of hours, your team will experiment with the potential of MCO and discover why it is a game changer in the way to procure solutions and projects.

Through an interactive session of realistic role play, your team will gain profound insights into how MCO can enable you to not only procure solutions more effectively but also establish robust collaborative relationships, both internally and externally with your suppliers.



Learning while Doing!

2 to 5 days

Go for IBS Academy's flagship service, the IBS Seminare— a comprehensive training event crafted especially for teams seeking to develop their competencies in project procurement. The IBS Seminaire is more than just a training; it's an experiential journey that empowers your team to explore, experiment and fully embrace the methods, tools, and practices of Managed Collaboration. With a dynamic and hands-on approach, the program is designed to ignite your team's understanding and expertise in Project Business.

This tailored learning event is customized to meet your expectations, ensuring that you leave with practical insights and actionable strategies that can drive success in your organization.

With the IBS Seminare, you're not just gaining knowledge—you're gaining a competitive advantage that will transform the way you approach projects and solutions.



Learning while Playing!

Half day to 1 day

Enhance team cohesion with a memorable company event that combines both enjoyment and useful learning.

If you're in search of a team-building activity that's not only entertaining but also highly beneficial for your organization, this program is the perfect choice.

Our team-building program brings your teams together in a collaborative environment, where they'll discover the power of Managed Collaboration. This event isn't just about having fun; it's a unique opportunity for your teams to build lasting connections and uncover a new strategy that will help them procure high-value solutions and succeed in their projects.



Learning while Performing!

On demand

With IBS Assistance, our commitment to your success goes beyond traditional training.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including coaching, follow-up, consulting, advising, and facilitation. Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support in real-life projects where Managed Collaboration can truly make a transformative difference.

Together, we'll implement Managed Collaboration to its fullest potential, ensuring that it becomes a driving force in achieving your business goals and fostering successful collaborations.



Learning while Eating (or Drinking)!

2 hours

Invite us to talk to your audience and experience the difference in our approach. Our keynote interventions are designed to ignite new ideas and inspire your team.

We bring fresh perspectives and innovative insights that can empower your audience to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of project business and collaboration.

Let us engage, educate, and energize your audience, leaving them with valuable takeaways: How to win projects. Together.