New book launch: “A practical manual for MANAGED COLLABORATION”, by Daniel Galiana

A Practical Manual for Managed Collaboration_by Daniel Galiana

IBS Academy is excited to announce a new book launch, “A PRACTICAL MANUAL FOR MANAGED COLLABORATION: How to build collaborative client/supplier relationships in B2B Projects and Solutions”, written by Daniel Galiana.

Success in B2B Projects and Solutions depends on your capability to build collaborative relationships with your business partners, clients, or suppliers. In the fast-paced, ultra-competitive 21st Century, this capability has become a key competitive advantage.

This manual is the How-To guide to engineer collaborative relationships and win your projects. At the start. This is of interest to all those involved in B2B Projects and Solutions, including in particular: Executives, Procurement Managers, Sales & Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Marketing, Bid-, Tender Managers, Technical specialists, Consultants, Commercial & Contract managers, Lawyers, Public authorities, Developers, Financiers.