Book 1

A Practical Manual for Managed Collaboration_by Daniel Galiana

A practical manual for MANAGED COLLABORATION: How to build collaborative client-supplier relationships in B2B Projects and Solutions

by Daniel Galiana

Building collaborative relationships is key in B2B Projects and Solutions. This manual shows you how to do: This is Managed Collaboration.

Success in B2B Projects and Solutions depends on your capability to build collaborative relationships with your business partners, clients or suppliers. In the fast-paced, ultra-competitive 21st Century, this capability has become a key competitive advantage. For organizations involved in “buying” or “selling” B2B Projects and Solutions, collaboration is no longer a mere social competence, mastered by certain charismatic individuals. It is a strategic capability, embedded into their organization, enabling them to build up highly effective collaborative relationships with their B2B partners in a structured, organized and repeatable way, early in the project lifecycle. And to perform more consistently in their B2B Projects and Solutions.

This manual is the How-To guide to engineer collaborative relationships and win your projects. At the start. This is of interest to all those involved in B2B Projects and Solutions, including in particular: Executives, Procurement Managers, Sales & Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Marketing, Bid-, Tender Managers, Technical specialists, Consultants, Commercial & Contract managers, Lawyers, Public authorities, Developers, Financiers.