You are Supplier

As a Supplier organization, you respond to the need of customers to deliver systems or subsystems. Your customers are mostly international, and so is your competition.

Oftentimes, you are involved with a new customer and a new project. You have to build up strong and “trusting relationships” with the customer organization on different levels and within a short period of time. You evolve within a multi-functional team, including such roles as:

  • Executive management
  • Sales engineer, Account manager, Business Development manager
  • Technical sales, Pre-sales
  • Bid/Tender manager
  • Project manager
  • Channel & Supply Chain manager
  • Commercial & Contract manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Systems Engineer, Product Line manager, SMEs

Therefore, as a project business professional you help the customer in eliciting the project requirements, evaluating different solutions and making high quality decisions. You understand and address the project as a complex system, including various dimensions: people, technology, quality, timing and trust.

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