You are Buyer

As an operator of industrial infrastructure, public or private, you are looking to attract and benefit from the best suppliers: competent, reliable and capable to deliver value for money, at all stages of the project.

Since each of your project is specific and complex, you evolve within a multi-functional team, including such roles as:

  • Management,
  • Technical experts,
  • Procurement, purchasing, supply chain managers,
  • Project managers,
  • Financial, Contract managers
  • Systems engineers, technical operators,
  • Compliance officers.

Therefore, as a project business professional, you want to manage your suppliers relationships in a structured, efficient and mutually beneficial way and develop them as business partners. You understand and address the project as a complex system, including various dimensions: people, technology, quality, timing and trust.

Today, you need to develop further: At IBS Academy, you will acquire new knowledges and new methods to Win Projects. At the Start.

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