Summer Workshop 2022

How to build collaborative relationships in B2B Projects & Solutions
Complex Projects & Solutions
What you will learn

Success in B2B Projects“and Solutions depends on your capability
to build collaborative relationships with your business partners, clients or suppliers.

In the fast-paced, ultra-competitive 21st Century, this capability has become a key competitive advantage.

For organizations involved in “buying” or “selling” B2B Projects and Solutions, collaboration is no longer a mere social competence, mastered by certain charismatic individuals.

It is a strategic capability, embedded into their organization, enabling them to build up highly effective collaborative relationships with their B2B partners in a structured, organized and repeatable way, early in the project lifecycle. And to perform more consistently in their Projects and Solutions.

In this workshop, you will learn how to “engineer” collaborative relationships internally, and externally.

The workshop will present the methods, mindsets, and practices applied in B2B Projects & Solutions to establish collaborative relationships by design (rather than “by chance”).

Please contact us to customize this workshop to your expectations.