The Problem: the Gap between Clients and Suppliers during the Development Phase of B2B Projects

The Development Phase of most projects, whatever their sizes or locations on earth, is always complex or even fuzzy: multiple stakeholders are involved, having different understandings, different requirements, different solutions, different interests, etc. about the future project. And things keep changing.

Therefore, it is usually a major challenge for suppliers or clients alike to overcome the fragmentation among “islands”, communication difficulties, lack of common ground.

As a result, the quality of the Development Phase will suffer and most of the next shortcomings or failures will have their root cause in poor communication and collaboration.

SEF10 is made to solve this challenge.

Gap Between a Client & a Supplier during the Development Phase of B2B Projects
Multiple Stakeholders in B2B Projects
SEF 10 by IBS Academy

Building Collaboration upon One Common Ground

SEF10 is a Solution Engineering Framework to be used in the Development Phase of B2B projects.

SEF10 provides a total approach to design and engineer project solutions with 10 essential building blocks.

This common platform provides both a client and a supplier a structured and explicit framework to address the solution, and most importantly: to engage in effective collaboration.


Solution Engineering Framework

Fosters Collaborative Relationships


  • Trusted relationships are always based on high-quality interactions between people. SEF10 is the framework enabling high-quality interactions between a Client and a Supplier in the Development Phase of B2B projects when things are fuzzy.
  • SEF10 provides a rational framework enabling Clients and Suppliers to communicate professionally, learn working as a team, build up mutual confidence, and set the stage for successful execution and operation.
  • As a structured collaborative tool, SEF10 greatly facilitates and enhances communication in virtual meetings.

One Common Ground


  • SEF10 provides one organized common platform needed to bring stakeholders from different organizations, different disciplines, and functions on the same page.
  • SEF10 acts as a single source of truth, bringing all information together, providing a common language, and a 360-degree visualization of the solution's main components and their interdependencies.
  • SEF10 works across any industries where B2B projects are developed, in small or large projects.

Improves the Solution’s Quality


  • A Solution is always the combined result of 10 essential components. SEF10 brings them together in one framework and enables a shared view and deep understanding of the whole project, by all decision-makers.
  • SEF10 supports elicitation and alignment towards the requirements and objectives of the Solution.
  • This alignment reduces costly errors, omissions, misunderstandings, and improves the quality of the decision- making process and hence of the solution’s value.

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