Collaboration in Project Business

Where It Starts?

Closing the Gap in the Development Phase?

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap in the Development Phase with a Common Ground:



The Main Benefits

The CROSSCONNECT methodology developed by IBS Academy is characterized by the following features:

  1. A flexible system enabling clients and vendors teams to jointly develop the project through high-quality professional interactions.
  1. The common ground enabling clients and vendors to align their mutual interests and develop collaborative & trusted relationships.
  1. A common language within one integrated framework recognized and understandable by all.
  1. A streamlined and rational methodology to address collaboratively the projects in the development phase.
  1. A framework to support the interdisciplinary teamwork and communication needed in project business.
  1. Easy to understand principles and practices, effective to apply, that can be used in small or large projects. Each organization and individual can tailor CrossConnect to his own needs and situations.

Win the project. At the Start.