Why B2B Projects & Solutions are highly collaborative endeavors?

In order to understand why a collaborative approach is essential in the field of B2B Projects & Solutions, we need to understand what makes this field specific.

B2B Projects & Solutions are found in such sectors:

  • Industry
  • Infrastructures
  • Transportation
  • Energy & Utilities
  • IT, Software, Telecom
  • Security & Defense
  • Construction & Engineering

For example, B2B Projects & Solutions can be a website for a small size company, a digitalization project, a public administration building, or a megaproject in the energy sector.

These B2B Projects & Solutions, apparently widely diverse, have a common pattern: they share four characteristics.

B2B Projects & Solutions in industry
4 characteristics B2B P&S
The 4 characteristics common to all B2B Projects & Solutions

B2B Projects & Solutions are always:

  1. New & Unique
  2. Cross-organizational
  3. High-stakes
  4. Critical during the Development Phase

These four common characteristics are interrelated and make B2B Projects & Solutions inherently complex.

This complexity can only be overcome by a high level of collaboration between all parties. A collaborative strategy maximizes their chance of mutual success.

Conversely, the lack of collaboration in B2B Projects & Solutions is the root cause of problems and failures in most cases, sooner or later.

In other words, collaboration is the main factor that makes us succeed or fail in B2B Projects & Solutions, at one stage or the other.

So, if collaboration, among people and organizations, is the right strategy to address B2B Projects & Solutions, how to organize it methodically?

This is the purpose of Managed Collaboration.

The Bridge to Managed Collaboration

Collaboration between people is what makes your projects succeed. Or Fail.
How do you establish and maintain this collaboration?
MANAGED COLLABORATION is about managing collaboration in a purposeful and structured way to succeed more consistently.


  • MCO is the management system enabling the purposeful and structured management of collaborative relationships in B2B projects.
  • MCO is to improve the odds of success for clients and suppliers in developing high-value solutions.
  • MCO proceeds from whole system strategies, to realize optimally integrated solutions.
  • MCO is about learning how to respect and communicate between participants.
  • MCO meetings have energy and create high-quality communication.
  • MCO is about creating a team focused on the same objectives and unleashing trust between stakeholders.
  • MCO is a framework for planning and making informed decisions.
  • MCO is the ethical and sustainable way of doing business in projects.


IIntegrityOVERHidden agendas
IIA joint-development of the solutionOVERSilo-based
IIIA whole-system approach to the solutionOVERFragmented, piecemeal approach
IVA rational decision-making processOVERMyopic, emotional decision-making
VA common collaborative mindsetOVERSelf-interest
VISuperior communicationOVERFear and defensiveness
VIICreating a best value solutionOVERLowest price
VIIIHaving a great experience togetherOVERShort-lived, low-quality relationships